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The Bluz Queen conjures audience; Alderman collapses at annual Chicago Music Festival

Chicago, Illinois- July 29, 2012Claudette "THE BLUZ QUEEN" King, youngest daughter of all time blues legend, BB King, performed as the invited guest ofAlderman, JoAnn Thompson at her 5th Annual 16th Ward Music Festival on 63rd Street on Sunday, July 29 on 63rd & Peoria streets in Chicago, IL.

Ms. King mesmerized the crowed with her original bluzy tunes of "Walk me to my car" and "Playing with my friends". The audience participated and danced as many reminisced of her famous father, BB King and his style of conjuring the audience to stand to their feet, clap their hands and tap their toes while swaying to and fro as their spirits were being stirred.

Ms. King was greeted by Alderman Thompson and music Mogul, Gus Redmond earlier in the day where Ald. Thompson stated that "she was honored  that Ms. King traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to attend the festival" and invited her back next year.

The evening did not conclude without incident however…

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