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AND THE PERFORMERS ARE...2014 Soul Train Awards


Pancakes:one of the best things to ever happen to breakfast, second only to bacon

Pancake Tips: Mistakes To Avoid

Pancakes are one of the best things to ever happen to breakfast, second only to bacon. They're so light and fluffy, and they masterfully absorb butter and syrup. Or at least that's the case when you make pancakes right. But not all pancakes are made properly. Actually, a lot of people botch their pancakes. It's time we put a stop to this.  The principles behind making the perfect pancakes are simple: Just whip up a quick batter and fry them up. But so much can go wrong along the way, risking dense, flat or burned pancakes. If you've experienced these pancake tragedies, you're probably committing at least one, if not all nine, of the common pancake mistakes. Find out what they are and put an end to your pancake misery.

The Mistake: You're Skimping On Ingredients

You may opt for all-purpose flour for convenience's sake, but Alton Brown swears by mixing AP flour with cake flour for the best batter consistency. Who are we to argue…


The “Art Wall” at FuegoMundo displays a few of Masha Hleap-Hershkovitz fathers'works as a tribute to his name, and as a kick-off to their rotating local South American artist exhibit at FuegoMundo.

It is estimated that Hleap produced over 3,000 pieces of art in his lifetime.  He was well known for making a painting out of a memory and pleasantly surprised many people with his gift of a painting depicting a portrait of themselves or recent casual encounter or place of interest they shared together.
Hleap did not like to sell his art; he preferred to give it away.  His art appears in many homes around the world, including South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Daddy Daughter at Zaban Park 1973
Dr. David Hleap | 1930-2007“Larger than Life” David Hleap was born in Russia in 1930- Prior to WWII, emigrated together with his parents and younger sister, to Colombia, South America when he was 5.

  He was raised in Cali, Colombia and put himself through Medical School by working as a Medica…

Dalziel and Pascoe star Warren Clarke dies after a 'short illness' at the age of 67

Actor Warren Clarke, known for his role in TV drama Dalziel And Pascoe, died today at the age of 67.
Warren Clarke's gruff northern accent was familiar to millions who watched him play the taciturn Superintendent Andy Dalziel in the popular BBC drama.
The Oldham-born actor played the surly police officer for 61 episodes, providing the yin to the yang provided by Colin Buchanan's Peter Pascoe.
But his career spanned several decades on stage, television and film, ranging from Cold War dramas to comedy and even playing Winston Churchill in the West End.

The star, who also appeared in films such as Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, is said to have died after a 'short illness'. 
Actor Warren Clarke, known for his role in TV drama  Dalziel And Pascoe, died today at the age of 67.  Pictured right with co-star Colin Buchanan
Born into a poor Lancashire family, he worked hard to achieve fame, telling the Daily Mail in 2011 that he was a 'lucky b******', adding: '…