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Lights, No camera, Action: the joy of live Film Readings

Lights, no camera, action:  the joy of live film readings

Seth Rogen as the Big Lebowski? Mindy Kaling as the Princess Bride? Live reads of these films, plus Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, are proving a sellout success. They make for a great night of theatre

A week ago, if you were lucky enough to snag the hottest ticket of the week in Los Angeles, it meant you got to see 12 people sitting around on a stage clutching scripts and talking into microphones, shooting one another with finger guns, fake projectile vomiting, fake punching each other in the face, or playing dead for extremely long periods. Conducted under the stewardship of director Quentin Tarantino, and under the auspices of Film Independent at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and its curator Elvis Mitchell, this was the world premiere of his new movie,The Hateful Eight. Or, rather, an enhanced "live read" of his screenplay, or to be more precise, a "staged reading," with Tarantino b…

Checkout This Feel Good Story Of Hollywood's Obsession With Perfection

Would you feel comfortable enough to do this on Hollywood Blvd? Plus size woman walks Hollywood

A Los Angeles woman did and says she's tired of Hollywood's obsession with perfection.  So, she's doing something drastic right in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard to show other women that it's perfectly fine to be large and have good self esteem.

While you may or may not agree with Amani Terrell's method, no one can argue with her message of loving yourself at any size.  

Amani weighs 260 pounds. She knows she has to lose weight. In the meantime, she refuses to be down on herself.  She says, "You can not seek validation from other people. This world is very cruel. You must seek validation within yourself and be kind to yourself."

Amani decided to strip down to her bikini in the very busy Hollywood Boulevard to show the world that women are beautiful at any size.  

While most people had a positive reaction...One guy yelled that he lost his appetite. Another sarcasti…

Amazing Huichol Beads Volkswagon Bug

First-of-its kind Volkswagon Bug exhibition to connect cultures around the world.
Here's some extraordinary skill of the Huichol or Wixáritari of West Mexico turning beads and skulls into works of art. These artisans are from the communities of Nayarit and Jalisco are showcasing their amazing bead work on an entire car! 

The Huichol culture includes approximately 26,000 people who live primarily in the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, and Zacatecas. They have traditionally been a nomadic culture, but in recent times they have settled into more permanent residences in Western Mexico. Along with the many distinctive customs that characterize their culture is a dedication to the visual arts that is realized most often in the forms of yarn paintings or beadwork applied on select objects. The Huichol are a deeply spiritual people and much of their traditional artistic output is an extension of their faith.

Vochol combines the traditions of the Huichol with an icon of popular culture, the Vo…

A Musical Journey: Music 101 Featuring A Son & Daughters of Legends

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a great workshop that will change the course of your career!!!!Location: Manndi Media Holdings International, LTD,
2233 Lake Park Drive, Smyrna, GA 30080


Often times music artists of today wonder how to find and gain "Staying Power" in this ever changing industry. We have 4 individuals who can provide first hand accounts regarding how to turn your dreams into reality through personal insight they experienced from their legendary fathers.

WILSON PICKETT                               SAPHAN PICKETT

Over a 4 week workshop attendees will learn:

-How to successfully launch a production company & the tools become a great musician.

-How to build a music career outside the studio (Touring, Speaking Engagements & More)

-How to build a brand.

-How to create/produce memorable music


Columbus Short fired from Scandal... OMG!

Actor Columbus Short has been fired from ‘Scandal’
No, he will not be returning to ABC’s Scandalwhen it returns for its fourth season in the fall. The 37-year-old confirmed that he is in fact exiting the show in a public statement, as insiders claim the actor was fired by the network due to domestic violence allegations lodged by his wife, 31, Tuere Tanee McCall.
McCall was granted a restraining order against Short following accusations that he tried to kill her. She had previously filed for divorce from her husband in September, but records show she changed her mind earlier this year and dismissed the petition.
It comes after reports that Columbus pleaded not guilty to physically attacking Tanee on February 14 at his Woodland Hills home. According to legal documents pertaining to the case: 'Short and his wife started arguing and it got physical. Short's kids - a two-year-old and 10-year-old - were watching.' 
The news, of course, comes just weeks after Columbus Short was cha…


David Alan Grier may have cracked the case to awkward instances when black celebrities are confused with other black celebrities on an episode this week of Jimmy Kimmel Live. A recent example is a moment news anchor Sam Rubin may never live down. He recently questioned Samuel L. Jackson about a Super Bowl commercial that featured Matrix star Laurence Fishburne, and not Jackson. There was silence and confusion before the actor shook his finger and exclaimed, “We don’t all look alike! We may be all black and famous, but we don’t all look alike!”

It’s time to end this crisis, so David Alan Grier has come up with a solution so awkward moments like these do not happen again.

What’s the secret? In this Kimmel segment, Grier invents an acronym you will probably never remember: PATWWFLLM. It simply stands for “Pay Attention To What We F***ing Look Like Motherf***ers!!!”

Although the hilarious promotion for his book titled “How To Tell Black People Apart” may not be real, hopefully the spoof serv…

Being Frank w Laurence Fishburne

This may need a bit of backsplainin' folks so here goes: 

Tele2 has been running an ad campaign with a black sheep named Frank for many years. 
Frank walks, talks - in English only - has a career and yes, he even adopted a white sheep. Frank the black sheep, flew to China and adopted a white lamb.

Ignoring the many layers of weird there, here's Frank discussing a deal with HBO to make a movie of his biography with Laurence Fishburne starring as the black sheep Frank.

You may be wondering what possessed Laurence Fishburne to do this commercial, did he find the script to be amusing? Was it money? Is he plain bored?

The "Being Frank" story is obviously supposed to lead up to the deal with HBO on the tele2 network.

That's where things go weird....

Being Frank pt 2 / The Deal -
Following Franks's pitch to HBO in "Being Frank" starring Lawrence Fishburne , HBO turns the tables and offers another deal to Tele2. HBO to all of their customers on all of their d…

8 Black Women TIME Chose as 'Most Influential'

8 Black Women TIME Chose as 'Most Influential'

Today TIME magazine released their annual list of the most influential people in the world.  This year, eight Black women were chose. The women are entertainers, activists, and world leaders. Their work is important and inspiring, world-wide.

Here they are:

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe
by Forest Whitaker

She gives hope for young women scarred by war

In Gulu, Uganda, Sister Rosemary has made it her mission to provide within an orphanage a home, a shelter for women and girls whose lives have been shattered by violence, rape and sexual exploitation.

At the Saint Monica Girls’ Tailoring Center she runs, those women can become themselves again, thanks to the security and comfort they feel — a tremendous accomplishment in a country still fragile from years of civil war. But what truly fascinates the people who have the privilege to meet with Sister Rosemary — as I did when I narrated a film about her, Sewing Hope — is her magnetic and contagious e…