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Unique Voting Percent Locations

Shopping Malls, Casinos, and Arcades: A Look at America's Wackiest Polling Places'

Your may remember this article: 

"Georgia State Senator Complains That Voting Is Too Convenient For Black People." 
Well...and so, I was doing a quick bit of shopping this week at a store OUTSIDE of the mall when what to my wondering eyes should appear but signs encouraging me to the shopping mall!It made so much since to me, to go into my favorite store and causally stroll into a voting booth. Yes, I was at a "shopping mall popular among local African-Americans." The mall was packed and so was the voting percent. 
There were young voters actually VOTING, more then I've ever seen in my life; all in one place, their favorite place...the MALL!  It was 7pm and they were standing in line with their ID's in hand. What a great idea. I wondered who thought this up and what a genius they were.
Then I wondered, given that there is NOTHING  new under the sun, how many ot…

If you're going to get run over by anyone, might as well be Oprah Winfrey!

She makes a living out of advising people how to deal with awkward situations.  But Oprah Winfrey was facing one of her own on Saturday night ...
One woman got the surprise of a lifetime after Oprah Winfrey's driver nearly crushed her ankle. The Queen of Talk's driver ran over Parkland, Fla. resident Lori Geller Bender's foot with an SUV as the mother-of-two was arriving to Miami restaurant Prime 112 on Saturday night. Bender recalls that her husband Kevin banged on the vehicle to have the driver remove his wheels from his wife's toes that were trapped under the SUV's tires. "We were crossing the street to arrive at the restaurant, and there were a lot of cameras. I could see a big crowd of security guards, and as soon as Oprah got into the car, it pulled out from the curb, and a wheel went over my foot," Bender told Page Six. "I was wearing heels, my toe was trapped under the wheel and I fell to the ground, hitting my coccyx and my head." Bender ad…

Superfood Combos

Superfood Combos That You May Want To Try.

1. Overnight Quinoa & Blueberry Oatmeal The very essence of a power breakfast: Oats, chia, and quinoa all pack a hefty protein punch, and the blueberries add a high dose of essential nutrients like heart-healthy potassium and Vitamin C. Recipe here. 2. Super Green Quinoa Salad with Fresh Basil and Pistachios