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BET's Essence Weekend Lineup...

*It's Essence Weekend Baby!!!*
THURS. JUNE 30th | FRI. JULY 1st | SAT. JULY 2nd | SUN. JULY 3rd 2016 *The Hottest Events in New Orleans, LA.* GET DISCOUNTED TICKETS & VIP SECTIONS NOW AT: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: BET NETWORKS, JACK DANIEL'S HONEY, GENTLEMAN JACK, HEINEKEN, BIG STAN PRODUCTIONS, G JOHNSON, RED CARPET EVENTS NOLA & HEREWEGO ENTERTAINMENT present... The Highly Anticipated 9th Annual... 4th of July Festival Weekend "TAKEOVER" Over 1000 Tickets Already Sold!!!! @ Nola's Largest & Most Upscale Venue... The METROpolitan Nightclub aka Generations Hall (310 Andrew Higgins Drive in NOLA's Downtown Warehouse District)
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My Publicist is announcing the launch of our new dynamic website

My Publicist is announcing the launch of our new dynamic website!

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our newly designed website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation for both, desktop and smart phone use, updated with the latest information about our firm and services !
We have taken significant time during this process to think through not only how we do business, but perhaps more importantly, WHY we do what we do, and HOW ourfirm’s methodologyis different from other firms.  You will be able to review and sign up for our services’, watch artists’ videos and read the most updated ‘My Publicist’ news
Our goal is to provide visitors with clear and accurate service information, demonstrate our expertise through business and technology solutions, and to help you navigate in this confusing world of technologies.
One of our main goals was to build a user-friendly and simple to navigate site. The new design allows the users to quickly find content and p…

Jesse Williams awarded BET Humanitarian Award : [Watch]

It’s safe to say that the 34 year old Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams stole the BET Awards on Sunday night with a wildly inspirational, confrontational speech that is bound to become a cornerstone of the Black Lives Matter movement.

He began by thanking BET and all involved in the video that preceded his appearance, his wife and his parents “for teaching me to focus on comprehension over career, they made sure I learned what the schools are afraid to teach us.

Actor and activist Jesse Williams was awarded with the BET Humanitarian Award on June 26, 2016. Although known for his work on Grey’s Anatomy and other films, Williams is also a prominent member and leader of groups such as Black Lives Matter.In October 2014, he joined protests in Ferguson to protest the shooting of Michael Brown. He was also an actor and executive producer of the 2016 documentary Stay Woke. He has written extensively on Black Lives Matter and met with President Obama earlier this year to discuss his humani…

Samuel L. Jackson Receives the BET Lifetime Achievement Award

Samuel L.  was recognized for his more than 40 years of big-screen badass-ery at the #BETAwards on Sunday night.  The legendary actor was presented with the ceremony’s Lifetime Achievement Award by director Spike Lee, who called Jackson “one of the greatest actors on this god’s planet” and “the hardest-working man in show business.” When Jackson first arrived on stage to accept his award, he thanked God, noting, “A young man who grew up in segregated Tennessee that nobody ever told I could be this. So, here I am and who you are, and thank God for that.” He then went on to thank all the people who’ve helped him along the way, even including his accountants, his publicist, and his Aunt Edna, who first put him in a costume and “lit the fire that started all this.” Jackson then moved on to his daughter Zoe and wife LaTanya, “the two women that actually found me passed out on the floor after I left somebody’s bachelor party put my ass in rehab the next day, and supported me and pushed me a…

BET AWARDS Seat Check 2016

U Can't Sit With Us
The BET experience 2016 is going to be LIT but check out   where the stars are sitting... or NOT!
Obeezy is sitting next to Weezy?
Rachel and Stacey next to Spike?


How stack-able Pringles potato chips are made step-by-step in the factory

Whether you're using them to make a duck bill or snacking on them at a party, Pringles are a nearly 50-year-old staple of American snack food.
But the way they get their shape - and crisp - is a mesmerizing process and a new video show the whole method from start to finish.
The video begins by showing the ingredients that make up the potato chips - a ratio of one-third water to two-thirds potato flakes.
Corn starch is mixed in to give the batter its firmness while being fried.

How It's Made reveals the secret to creating Pringles

Why Are U.S. Presidential Elections So Long?

How U.S. Presidential Campaigns Became Two-Year Marathons

From announcements to election day, presidential campaigns in the U.S. can last up to two years. So how did elections get this long?

If it feels like this election season has been dragging on for years, that's because it has been, quite literally. Hillary Clinton first announced her candidacy in April, 2015 -- 576 days before election day. In the 2008 campaign, she got to the party even earlier: 654 days in advance. Presidential campaigns in the U.S. are remarkably long and drawn-out events, relative to the rest of the world. Election season in Japan, for instance, is just 12 days long :/

Kamikatsu Japan's zero waste program

This Town in Japan That Produces Zero Trash This is Kamikatsu in southeast Japan.
How do they do it?
In 2003, the local government in Kamikatsu decided to require that all residents comply with a new, rigorous recycling program.

Residents must wash and sort virtually anything that is non-compostable in their household before bringing it to the recycling and sorting center.

At the sorting center, labels on each bin indicate the recycling process for that specific item - how it will be recycled, what it will become, and how much that process can cost (or even earn). It's an education process for the consumer.
At first, it was difficult to become accustomed to the new rules.
"It can be a pain, and at first we were opposed to the idea," says resident, Hatsue Katayama. "If you get used to it, it becomes normal." 

By 2020, Kamikatsu hopes to be 100% zero waste, with no use of landfills, and to forge connections with other like-minded communities in the world, spreading the…