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Movie Bloopers You May Have Missed

Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow had some interesting choices, and we often wondered what his big obsession with rum was all about, but one thing we didn’t think we could say about this crazy pirate was that he favored the Adidas brand. Because, judging from this movie shot, he does. As far as movie bloopers go, leaving the label on what is supposed to be period costume is probably not the best idea. We wonder who got fired for this whoopsie. Or if anyone spotted it before it went out to the masses? Spy Kids We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – recording films when there are mirrors around is a very bad idea. Oh, and door knobs, as was the case in The Matrix. But in this scene in Spy Kids, you can very clearly see a cameraman trying not to be seen in the reflection of the right hand mirror. We wouldn’t mind but it’s not like the guy isn’t obvious. Perhaps he was put there on purpose to see if we were paying attention? Deadpool The 2016 superhero game took over the wor…

Bruno Mars' New Jersey concert was ridiculously entertaining [VIDEO]

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Sometimes you can look ahead on the concert calendar and foresee a sure highlight.  Paul McCartney is one of those definitive, "this is gonna be awesome!" knockout acts. So is Beyonce. So is Bruce Springsteen.   And so is a certain ultra-slick Hawaiian troubadour -- someone much younger, and much shorter.  Prudential Center was packed full Tuesday night in anticipation of Bruno Mars' 24K Magic World Tour date, 15,000 fans prepped to party with an artist and backing band whose reputation for live performance has been crystallized on the world's grandest stage -- twice. 

As a songwriter, music has always been a spiritual thing for me. What amazes me is that it felt this way last night when thousands of complete strangers were moving in the same direction, at the same time to #brunomars rhythm. Music can touch people's soul in the deepest way, great music can connect them tog…

Fall movie slate promises Oscar contenders

With October right around the corner, that means we are moving into Oscar-bait season. It’s the time of year in which films become a little more daring and thoughtful. While this fall does include a usual amount of films that will be in contention for Oscars, there are also a couple of big blockbuster flicks. Here’s a rundown of the 11 most noteworthy films out this fall. BLADE RUNNER 2049 (Oct. 6) Denis Villeneuve is at the helm for the sequel of 1982’s “Bladerunner.” Villeneuve’s last movie, “Arrival,” earned a Best Picture and Best Director nominations from the Academy. Harrison Ford reprises his role as Rick Deckard. Ryan Gosling is set to play Officer K, who will act as an apprentice to Deckard. Gosling’s character tracks down Deckard after he had been missing for 30 years. THE SNOWMAN (Oct. 20) Michael Fassbender stars in this crime drama as a detective Harry Hole, who investigates the disappearance of a woman during the first snow of winter. The detective fears that it might indica…

Orlando Arts Season Preview 2017-18: Movies worth a look

HOME AGAIN, Sept. 8: A comedy about a single mom (Reese Witherspoon) who opens her home to three younger men. Candice Bergen co-stars. MOTHER!, Sept. 15: Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer in a horror story from director Darren Aronofsky. STRONGER, Sept. 22: Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany in a true story about the Boston Marathon bombing. I, TONYA, September: Margot Robbie plays Olympic skater Tonya Harding. Allison Janney co-stars.

THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US, Oct. 6: Idris Elba and Kate Winslet fight to survive in a plane crash drama.

BREATHE, Oct. 13: Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy in a romantic drama, inspired by a true story and directed by Andy Serkis. GOODBYE, CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, Oct. 13: A.A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) finds inspiration from his son to create Winnie the Pooh. MARSHALL, Oct. 13: Chadwick Boseman plays young attorney Thurgood Marshall. Josh Gad, Sterling K. Brown and Kate Hudson co-star.

THE SNOWMAN, Oct. 20: A serial-killer drama with Michael Fassbender as a determi…