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It’s taken 15 years but Missy Elliot mumbles in Work It is finally decoded [VIDEO]

Missy Elliot fans have somehow just realized that that garbled in Work It is in fact, actual words, and it has Twitter in a frenzy.

The single was released in 2002 and since then people have just sung the gibberish bit exactly as it sounds. Although for others it had been pretty bleeding obvious from the beginning.The line following, “I put my thing down flip it and reverse it,” one of the trickiest portions of a song to navigate in the entire art of karaoke, is not “Fner nyer finipippy pal myap” but “I put my thing down flip it and reverse it,” reversed.

Realizing that Elliott isn’t spitting gibberish must be one of the last examples of lyric-related pleasure to be had in the digital age, which has – through a combination of readily available audio technology and extreme nerdiness – largely ruined the misheard lyric. Through resources such as the Genius hive mind or the argumentative comments of, almost every song has been dissected ad infinitum. The days of disappoint…

Nicki Minaj beats Aretha Franklin's Billboard 100 record

Nicki Minaj has beaten the soul singer as she debuts three new songs. Minaj now has 76 songs which have reached the top 100 on the Billboard charts, while Franklin has 73. The news comes after the rapper released three new songs, ‘No Frauds‘ featuring Drake and Lil Wayne (No. 14), ‘Regret in Your Tears‘ (No.61), and ‘Changed It‘ featuring Lil Wayne (No. 71). Franklin held the title for almost 40 years starting in June 1977 until 18 March. Check out the current list of top 100 entries below. 76 – Nicki Minaj
73 – Aretha Franklin
70 – Taylor Swift
58 – Rihanna
57 – Madonna
56 – DionneWarwick
54 – Beyoncé
53 – ConnieFrancis
48 – MariahCarey
48 – BrendaLee

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Smashes Records With Towering $170 Million Debut; nabs $350 million worldwide


This is what makes Disney such a powerhouse. “Beauty and the Beast,” the studio’s latest live-action update of a cartoon classic, waltzed its way to a towering $170 million debut this weekend, setting a new record for a March opening and solidifying the Mouse House’s status as the dominant player in the film business. No other company can match the streak that Disney is currently enjoying, thanks to a series of multi-billion acquisitions that put the likes of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm in its Magic Kingdom. Last year, the studio accounted for more than a quarter of all domestic ticket sales, and 2017 brings the release of sequels to “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Cars,” and “Thor,” in addition to “Beauty and the Beast.” “I don’t know if they made a deal with the devil, but Disney is an awfully potent empire right now,” said Jeff Bock, an analyst at Exhibitor Relations. “You continue to shake your head and roll your eyes, but they can do no wrong right now and that h…

International relief organization UNICEF honors actor Laurence Fishburne with "Global Philanthropist Award" in Atlanta

ATLANTA -- UNICEF ambassador and Hollywood actor Laurence Fishburne was honored during a special Evening for Children First here in Atlanta.

He spoke about what drew him to their mission.

"When I reached a certain level of success where I was in a position to sort of give back and do philanthropic work, I wanted to do something that was global and UNICEF was the organization for me," he said.

Fishburne received the international relief organization's "Global Philanthropist Award".

He has served as an ambassador for UNICEF since 1996 traveling to help children affected by disease, poverty and war. 

In 2010, he hosted an event in support of the organization's emergency relief efforts in Haiti after the earthquake. In 200, Fishburne was given the Child Survival Award, a joint effort by UNICEF and The Carter Center. One year prior, he narrated the UNICEF video, "The State of the World's Children" and lobbied on Capitol Hill for the approval of the gove…

Matrix' reboot: Some say studio should choose another pill

Backlash on social media over any tampering with the science-fiction creation

NEW YORK — A reboot of “The Matrix” is said to be the works, but many fans would rather see Warner Bros. choose a different pill. Warner Bros. is gearing up to reboot The Matrixand many people have taken that to mean the studio will bring back original characters like Neo, Trinityand Morpheus. That’s not necessarily true. The terms remake and reboot get thrown around together, and people often assume they mean the same thing. There is a pretty big distinction between the two, however, and it’s important to note that Warner Bros. isn’t planning on remaking the original film. Any new “Matrix” film is in such an early stage that it may like countless other projects in development never amount to anything. Warner Bros. declined to share any details on its plans on Wednesday. But the report was enough to stoke a backlash on social media over any tampering with the Wachowskis’ trench-coated, slow-motion bullet-flying …

RuPaul weds longtime partner in secret ceremony

Ross asked RuPaul if after 23 years together the couple were ever going to tie the knot.
'You know what, I don't think I've said this on television before,' Rupaul replied. 'We are married.'
RuPaul Charles married his longtime boyfriend, Australian rancher Georges LeBar, in a secret ceremony in January. The RuPaul’s Drag Race host confirmed his nuptials in an interview Wednesday on Hollywood Today Live.
“You know what? I don’t think I’ve said this,” he began. “I’ve never said this on television before. We are married. We are married, yes. This is scoop! I’ve never said it before.”
In a 2013 special of “Oprah: Where Are They Now?,” RuPaul spoke about his relationship with LeBar. “He is devoted to me, I am devoted to him,” he said. “And that’s the end of the story.” The pair met at now-closed New York City club Limelight in 1994 on LeBar’s birthday and have been together ever since. 
RuPaul said that he and his husband wed on their anniversary. Per RuPaul, his husband,…

Kids' Choice Awards 2017: All The Winners

Hollywood's young stars dressed to impress at Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday night -- 

The 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards took place at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles and aired live on Saturday, March 11, starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT, on Nickelodeon. A complete list of winners follows. Favorite Kids' Show

Game Shakers
Girl Meets World
Henry Danger (
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
The Thundermans
Favorite Family Show

Big Bang Theory
Fuller House 
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The Flash

Favorite Reality Show

America’s Funniest Home Videos
America’s Got Talent 
American Ninja Warrior
Paradise Run
Shark Tank
The Voice
Favorite Cartoon

ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks
SpongeBob SquarePants 
Teen Titans Go!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Amazing World of Gumball
The Loud House
Favorite Male TV Star

Benjamin Flores Jr. (Triple G, Game Shakers)